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CVMA Committees
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2014-2015 Committee and Liaison Structure


Benefits Review Committee

 Budget and Finance Committee

Dr. Aimee Eggleston, Chair
Dr. Steve Heyman
Dr. Eva Ceranowicz
Dr. Larry Berkwitt
Dr. Andrea Dennis
Dr. Michael Berard

Bylaws Committee

Dr. Steve Heyman, Chair


Government Relations Committee

Dr Eva Ceranowicz, Chair

Nominating Committee

Dr. Mohan Sachdev, Chair

Educational Programs Committee

Dr. Eva Ceranowicz, Co-Chair
Dr. Meredith Miller, Co-Chair

Dr. Suzy Magruder
Dr. Aimee Eggleston
Dr. Ryland Edwards
Dr. Kristen Haviar
Dr. Scott Shaw
Dr. Mason Jager


Public Relations & Technology Committee

Dr. Steve Heyman, Co-Chair
Dr. Chris Gargamelli, Co-Chair
Dr. Gerry Post
Dr. Ira Stone
Dr. John Beres
Dr. Lynda Perry
Dr. Kristilee Stewart
Dr. Jonathan Walker
Dr. Mark Albin


Publications Committee

Dr. Katherine Skiff Kane, Chair
Dr. Linda Kane

Management Development Committee

Dr. Lynn Keller, Chair
Dr. Andrea Dennis
Dr. Arnold Goldman
Dr. Larry Berkwitt
Dr. Suzanne Magruder
Dr. Ryland Edwards

Foundation Liaison

Dr. Arnold Goldman

Newsletter Liaison

Dr. Lynn Keller


HAVEN Liaison

Dr. Arnie Cary

Dr. Andrea Dennis


Grievance Program Liaison

Dr. Dawn Tauro-Miller